Titanic Touch Tournament

Briefing information version 2.0 – last updated 1st May 2019

Belfast Warriors Touch Rugby Club are excited to again hold the Titanic Touch Tournament 3 (TTT3) at Belfast Harlequins Rugby Club.  Our goal is to establish this tournament as a permanent fixture on the Ireland Touch Association (ITA) touch calendar.  This year the tournmanet will include a round of the Ireland ITS / DTS tournament to add extra excitemnt and quality to the tournament.

We hope you and your team enjoy the tournament and let us know if there are improvements we can make for next year.

For visiting teams we have provided travel and accommodation information and while you are here take the opportunity to Discover Belfast.


Belfast Harlequins Rugby Club
45A Deramore Park
Google map:https://goo.gl/maps/F93FVRjVU2T2

Divisions                  Mixed

Team Registration fee:   £240 per team (must be paid in full before nomination will be accepted).  Nominate here.   Team size is 16 players with 14 to play each game.
This year to help to ensure good catering the fee includes lunch for all your players.  Harlequins clubhouse will be openb during the day and there are men’s and women’s changing facilities at the club.

We accept BACS, visa and master card payments.  BACS information is on the checkout page.
Player Registration fee:    £20 for players who are not in a team but want to play.  Register here.

Nominations Close     Saturday 27th July 2019

Register and pay at    http://www.titanictouch.uk
Tournament info:       http://www.titanictouch.uk
Tournament email:    ttt@belfasttouch.uk
Tournament Director:  Paul Brown on +44(0)7477197799

Tournament Agenda
09:30   Managers Meeting at Tournament Control
10:00   Round games commence
13:00   Lunch break
14:00   Afternoon Round Games
17:00   Games Complete
18:00   Presentation of trophies
19:30   Continue afterwards in the Harlequins Rugby Club Clubhouse

Club facilities          Harlequins is a fully licensed club with changing and shower facilities.  The club will provide meals and drinks during the day and at the tournament function.  There is ample car parking.

Here is some information to make the tournament run as smooth as possible and make it more enjoyable for you and your team.

We are running to a tight timetable for the games so make sure you are at the pitches for your matches when allocated.  You should be at the pitch as soon as the previous game finishes.

Just as you are trying to enjoy the day and improve your game, so are the referees.

On arrival:
1.         Familiarise yourself with the venue and pitch numbers;
2.         Inform Tournament Control who is your nominated player referee.

Prior to the commencement of your second game you are required to:
1.         Hand in your team registration sheet to Tournament Control;
2.         Pay any outstanding fees.

Before the end of the lunch break:
1.         Pay for your players dinner at £5 per head.

The registration sheet includes a column for players to indicate if they wish to be considered for Ireland train on squads for future tournaments.

There are MVP players awards for the day.  To ensure the correct players are identified for these awards make sure players keep the same bib/shirt number for each game.  If a player changes shirt or bib number you should update this at Tournament Control.


Lunch is included in the team fee and the clubhouse is open for supporter to have lunch.
The clubhouse will be open afteer the tournament for the after part function.

Collect  your team’s meal vouchers from Tournament Control.


The Titanic Touch Tournament Director can be contacted by email at ttt@belfasttouch.uk

For nomination enquiries and general tournament information you can contact Paul Brown on +44(0)7477197799



Team Registration fee:   £240 per team  Nominate here.  Team size is 16 players with 14 to play each game.  This year, the entry fee includes lunch for players.


Player Registration fee:    £20 for individual players who are not in a team but want to play.  Register here.

We accept BACS, visa and master card payments.
For team nominations, BACS information is on the checkout page.


Nomination fee          Must be paid in full online.

Registered players     A team may register 16 players for the tournament with a maximum of 14 participating in any single game.

Indemnity Form        All players MUST complete and sign the team indemnity form before they participate in their first game.  Players who have not signed this form are not permitted to take part on the day – it is the captain’s duty to ensure that all players have done this.   I’ve attached a form for you to print in case you want to get a head start before Saturday to get this signed.

Under 18 Players        Any players under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult to supervise then during the tournament.  Contact the Event Coordinator prior to the tournament so arrangements can be made for the indemnity form to be signed by the player’s parent or guardian.  Players will not be permitted to play without the signed indemnity form.

Social Mixed              F.I.T. Rule 5.2  Mixed Gender Competition. In mixed competitions, the maximum number of males allowed on the field of play is three (3) and the minimum male requirement on the field of play is one (1) and the minimum female requirement on the field of play is one (1).

Tournament Rule        A male player who is 55 or over in 2018 may count as a female player in the social mixed only.  A team may count a maximum of 2 of these players towards the required 3 females. Such players must wear different coloured shorts to assist the referees.

Playing Rules             All games will be played according to the latest
Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.) rules.

Referees                     While we are confident of supplying referees each team is requested
to provide one referee per team entry.

Playing Attire            All players shall wear the same uniform with clearly defined numbers unless stated otherwise in this document.

Footwear                   F.I.T. Rule 3.3.  Safe footwear must be worn. Shoes with screw-in studs or cleats are not to be worn by any player. Light leather or synthetic boots with soft moulded soles are permitted, provided individual studs are no longer than thirteen millimetres (13 mm) in length, the measurement being taken from the sole of the boot.

Jewellery                   Remember to remove jewellery etc. prior to playing.  All teams will be checked.

Alcohol                      Any player who consume alcohol during the tournament will be immediately suspended from the tournament.  As the tournament is held at a licenced premise, no alcohol may be brought to the venue and all alcohol MUST be purchased from Harlequins Rugby Club and consumed within the licensed premises (the clubhouse).


There will be a PA system in use during the day and all enquiries should be made to Event Coordinator at Tournament Control.

Please attend the captain’s briefing for any late changes.

Teams will NOT be provided with a tournament ball.  There will be game balls on the pitches.

Teams are responsible to know their own schedule and should be on the pitch on time. Teams should move to their pitch immediately after the preceding game finishes for the referee inspection and coin toss.  This will ensure games start on time.  Game times will not be adjusted if you are late.

There will be a 30 second warning hooter prior to the commencement of each game.

Once a score card has been signed, that score is final.


Medical insurance is the responsibility of each player or team. Please make sure that all your players are covered by some form of medical insurance, as this is not provided by the tournament.


We will have a medical team present on the day.
  A medical kit, plus AED including qualified First Aiders will be present at Tournament Control for emergency purposes only.


Tents              You may erect your own tent on the day.

Water            Please ensure to bring extra water if necessary. There is a drinking water tap available
near the clubhouse for bottle refills.

Be tidy            Please tidy up after the day and leave your area as you found it (e.g. remove your own
rubbish, etc.)

Security         Do not leave any items visible in your vehicles or leave valuables in the venue.  Belfast Touch or Harlequins Rugby Club will not accept responsibility for any loss.

Weather         We hope you all really enjoy the day. Fingers crossed the sun will come out for us but please ensure to check the weather prior to travelling and bring appropriate clothing. You tend to have to cater for all eventualities in Belfast despite what the weather man promises – It’s advisable to bring own team gazebos/tents where possible


See the Translink Journey Planner for bus and train information.

See the Translink Metro Bus routes for buses to Malone Road.  The tournament venue is located on Deramore Park, off the Malone Road.  Belfast Metro Translink bus routes 8A,8B,8C and 93 travel along Malone Road.

See the Belfast Public Transport and Walk map to get around Belfast


The tournament function will be at the Harlequin’s Rugby Club. Changing and shower facilities are available and the organising committee would like to see as many as possible attend to celebrate this new tournament on the touch calendar.  There will be music at the function and players will be able to purchase dinner.


Here is a list of some accommodation in Belfast for those who are staying in Belfast.  Additional accommodation can be found on the Discover Belfast website.

University Accommodation
Queen’s University Belfast
Elms Village
78 Malone Road
Single en suite £43,50 per night (including breakfast)
5 minute drive from Harlequins rfc

Ulster University (Jordanstown)
Single en suite £33,60 per night
20 minute drive from Harlequins rfc

Belfast City Backpacker

53-55 Malone Avenue
From £22,00 per night (sharing)
5 minute drive to Harlequins rfc

Vagabonds Belfast
9 University Road
From £15,00 per night (shared)
£50,00 per night (private)
10 minute drive to Harlequins rfc

Arnie’s Backpackers
63 Fitzwilliam Street
From £10 per night (shared)
10 minute drive to Harlequins rfc

Malone Lodge Hotel

60 Eglantine Avenue
From £69,00 per night (single room)
Breakfast for +£10 per person
5 minutes from Harlequins rfc

Wellington Park Hotel
21 Malone Road
From £69,00 (single room, breakfast inc.)
5 minute drive from Harlequins rfc

Duke’s at Queens
65-67 University Street
10 minute drive from Harlequins rfc

Third Party Options
Sites such as air bnb offer many different accommodation options for the area surrounding the university.
These prices start from:
£26,00 per night for a room in a shared house/flat and,
£70,00 per night for an entire flat